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Here you will learn more about the deep lore of Japanifornia and its spectacularly silly judicial system. Any new pages or edits made should be related to AOV specifically.

Attorney Online is a chat-room styled online Ace Attorney game, in which players create, build and play Ace Attorney themed trials, as well as a number of other formats including cases and games.

Attorney Online Vidya is a server on AO, created in December 2015, that features a variety of different casing and game formats, as well as a multitude of characters and music from various franchises; including Ace Attorney, Professor Layton, Danganronpa, Persona and Dante from the Devil May Cry™ series.

For more information about AOV, Attorney Online itself and how to play, check these links:

Case Archives

This wiki is host to extensive and ongoing Case Archive pages, featuring cases created and played on AOV over the years. Feel free to add new cases to their respective pages and segments for future reference.


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