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Killers, also known as "Final Bosses", are the characters in a case who, as their name suggest, did indeed kill the victim. While most might assume this is a witness, defendants can be find guilty on a case, and are then, canonicaly, a true killer.

Hall of Fame

This is the hall of fame for the most notorious killer witnesses, if you were to see any of these characters as a witness in you case your best bet as a defense attorney is to incriminate them. Some of these might get away with it, while some might just outright confess, each character has an unstable personality.

  • Matt "IT'S ME, AUSTIN" Engarde
  • Maya "It's a "Maya did it case"" Fey
  • Iris "You wouldn't incriminate a nun, right?" Fey
  • Damon "Dominica" Gant
  • Tohru "Did It" Adachi
  • Lana "DONT EVEN TRY" Skye
  • Kristoph "Loli-lover" Gavin
  • Alita "OR did I?" Tiala

Other Witnesses

Just because a character isn't on the hall of fame doesn't mean he or she can't be a killer, anyone can be a killer, even the judge and the detective! And those characters mentioned above can also be innocent, they are just characters who cast suspicion as soon as their names are written on the doc due to past experiences.

The most important thing a good Defense should look for is the testimony, not the character. (Unless he is Matt, he will just confess).