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The 'Lesbian Slumber Party' saga (mostly just known as 'LSP' cases) are a set of cases based around a murder during, obviously, a slumber party for lesbians. These were initially based on a video uploaded in early 2016 by infamous madman/woman Chris-Chan titled 'Lesbian Sleepover Party Announcement' in which he/she attempts to invite sexy lesbians over to his/her house.

As you might expect, these cases are all absolutely terrible.

Do not do them. Do not suggest them. Do not think about them.

During case building, should anyone suggest doing an 'LSP' case, you should immediately start shouting hateful things at them until they go away.

Lesbian Slumber Party

The first on the saga, the beginning of the end.

This Lesbian Slumber case was notable for having Chris Chan as a victim, her/his body was found inside a closet with the defendant, there had been a blackout at that time, the lesbians where playing 7 minutes in Heaven and the victim and defendant got locked inside the closet. When they opened it, they discovered the murder, the victim was dead, a wound on her head, and a kiss on her neck, and the defendant was sitting next to the body, confused, the assumed murder weapon (A broken beer bottle) was found in there too. 

Young Phoenix Wright was the first witness, and wasted 2HOURS with a lie, as he didn't want to awknoledge he was spying on these lesbians. Maya Fey was the 2nd witness, and this bitch fucking did it, using the Lesbian Massager. However, Detective Meekins tried to do an asspull: There was blood on that Lesbian Massager, but it was PERIOD BLOOD. She was forced to leave immediately.

The case final straw was a double 3rd witness, Cammy and Angel Starr, both didn't see anything and contradicted everything, the Judge had enough and it ended in: MISTRIAL.

The only killer ever convicted in these cases

Lesbian Slumber Party 2 (AKA: The REmake)


Lesbian Slumber Party 3: Speedrun Edition

Video (WARNING: Put the volume all the way up, the sound of this one is bad)

Lesbian Slumber Party 4

Cammy as a witness in LSP4



Lesbian Slumber Party 5: Wake Me Up Inside

Lesbian Slumber Party 6: SPACE EDITION

Apollo, the lead DA, unsuccessfully tried to indict Edgeworth, the co pro, then tried to indict the lead pro Klavier. The case died within seconds.