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Prohibition 2[1] was the second case in the Prohibition trilogy. The miracle never happen.


In the aftermath of the first "Prohibition" trial, every lawyer involved resolved to wait for the opportune moment to strike back -- save for Mia Fey, who was so shamed by her failure that she returned to Kurain Village. This turned out to be a lifesaving decision, as the Carbone family, now exposed to the world, sought to hunt down the attorneys that uncovered their secret operations. Five years later, an attempted murder brought everyone involved with the case back into the courtroom once more. The victim was Maya Fey, a target chosen specifically by the true culprit of the first "Prohibition" trial: Valant Gramarye. Mia returned to the courtroom to seek justice for her sister, while Colias Palaeno returned to take revenge for the death of his brother. Assisting them both was Calisto Yew on the defense, and Tyrell Badd on the prosecution.

The case, like the first "Prohibition" trial, was full of turbulent events. A criminal conspiracy came to light when a young boy named John Marsh was poisoned for attempting to speak out about the forced labor he'd been coerced into at the Carbone Family's restaurant. As the trial went on, it became increasingly obvious that Mia's client, Zak Gramarye, was a member of the Carbone family like his brother. Hours of narrow-escapes and timely contradiction finding ensured that Valant Gramarye himself ended up on the stand once more. Before testifying, the ever calm magician declared that he would enjoy destroying the pillar of confidence Mia had built for herself to reach this point.

The end of the second "Prohibition" trial came about after a critical error made by Colias Palaeno. He took into account Valant's wily ways and made use of all his international connections in an attempt to make a charge stick. His attempted theorycrafting only served to annoy the judge and confuse the defense, who, by the time he was done, had little opportunity to actually cross-examine him. In the end, a Carbone was found guilty; Zak Gramarye. Once again the true killer left the courtroom with a sly smile on his face.



Officially, the case was merely another file to be locked away in an archive. However, the lives of every participant in that trial were changed irrevocably after its end. With their second failure to convict the notorious mob boss, there would be no escaping the Carbone family a second time.

Colias Palaeno, having to swallow the bitter pill of failure a second time, fought tirelessly in other countries to find a justice system in which he could convict his brother's killer. His efforts would ultimately be in vain, as his race and the wide-reaching influence of the Carbone family ensured that he would make little headway in bringing a case to court. He died bitter and alone in poverty, having used up all of his connections in pursuit of revenge.

Calisto Yew was found dead in an alleyway three days after the trial's end. She had been forced into the trial by the Carbones to earn a Not Guilty for Zak. In spite of her being a co-defense, her punishment came without warning. Her murder trial was swift, and the crime was pinned on a single mother who happened to be in the area.

John Marsh recovered from the poison at the cost of being paralyzed from the waist down. In spite of his handicap, he found a family who was willing to support him. As an adult, he managed to forget the terrible events of that trial and live life relatively normally with his wife.

Olga Orly was forced to flee the country after an attempt on her life. She was never seen again.

Tyrell Badd continued to serve on the force until the end of his days. He would find his career advancement halted, however, in spite of his exceptional talent. During a routine beat patrol, he was shot and killed by his partner. The investigation turned up little evidence to convict the cop. Paid off officials ensured that the case went cold for eternity.

Maya Fey died a week after the trial's end with Mia by her side. The doctor's attributed her lack of will as the cause for her decline and noted her older sister's forlorn and downtrodden attitude. She was buried in Kurain Village and memorialized; for generations to come, it would become a tradition for the main family to name one of their children "Maya" in every generation.


Valant Gramarye walked away a free man for the second time, with the full support of the public. His career as a magician skyrocketed to new heights, earning him worldwide fame and immeasurable wealth. The public would never know of his darker nature, one of back alley killings and illegal trafficking. With his enemies either dead or disgraced, he had little need to worry for the rest of his life. Before his death at the age of 80, he founded a museum dedicated to his exploits.

Mia Fey became a broken woman following her second failure, and she never stepped foot in a courtroom again. Memories of the people who'd suffered because of her haunted the former attorney until the end of her days. She returned to Kurain Village and became little more than a hermit who never spoke again for fear of causing others to suffer by her thoughtless words. Though she prayed for death, she was unwilling to do the deed herself. Thankfully, she would find some semblance of peace when a man garbed in yellow tracked her down and put her out of her misery.