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"Welcome to Whose Court is it Anyway, the game where everything's made up and the points don't matter. That's right, the points are just like your life away from Attorney Online."

Whose Court is it Anyway is a series of improvisation games primarily played in Arcade based off the television improvisation comedy show Whose Line is it Anyway.

The game can start at anytime of any day, and everyone in attendance is allowed to join in if they wish to participate.

The Start

At some point during the day, the host of the "show" King Carey will show up in Recreation Room and announce the start of the 'show', usually with a line similar to "Welcome to Whose Court/Line is it Anyway..." followed by an introduction of any characters in the area - though even those not announced can still join in. The King will then decide the first game, as well as future games, before explaining the rules of the chosen game.


The games played are usually picked by The King, though he also takes suggestions. While most games allow all players to take part, others will assign specified roles to randomly chosen or volunteering players. After a game is finished, points will be allocated to the players and the next game will start. The games themselves are normally based on an Ace Attorney/courtroom setting.

The list of games include:

  • Alphabet Testimony
    • A certain letter of the alphabet is announced by The King. Each player takes turns testifying on the witness stand, but the first letter of their line must start with the letter announced at the start. The next person to speak must start their next line with a word starting with the next letter. e.g.: The game starts with G, the next player must start their next sentence with a word starting with the letter H.
  • Backwards Scene
    • A quick case is acted out, but completely backwards, starting with the verdict and ending with the prosecution's opening statement.
  • Bad Applicants
    • A group of players role play as horribly under-qualified job seekers being interviewed by a another player. At the end of the scene, one of the potential hopefuls will get "hired" by the boss.
  • Bartender
    • One player is assigned to play as a bartender, while the other player play as a patron with a secret problem. After a short discussion, the bartender guesses what their problem is judging by the way they talked. If the bartender is correct, another player is called in to discuss their problem.
  • Courtroom Quirks
    • Each player is given a strange quirk or identity that they must retain until the end of the scene.
  • Credit Reading
    • The "winner" of the game reads the credits (the names of the characters involved in the game) in a certain given style/impression/scene.
  • Film, TV and Theater Styles
    • The players perform a cross-examination with the theme of the case changing randomly to different genres of film, TV and theater.
  • Film Review
    • The players act out a scene as if they were in a movie, while another player acts as a film reviewer giving their thoughts on what is currently happening.
  • Hoedown or Irish Drinking Song
    • The players improvise a song based on a court related theme. Rarely played.
  • Hollywood Director
    • A group of players are given the a short scene to act out, directed by another player, the Director. They redo the scene after the King/Director stops them in increasingly absurd situations setup by the Director.
  • Infomercial
    • Two players act as salespeople trying to convince the others to use seemingly useless objects (provided by The King) as evidence for their next case. After explaining the uses of the object, the other players "call in" to ask questions about the object.
  • Number of Words
    • A scene is given to be acted out, but each player is limited to only using a certain number of words ranging from 2 to 5.
  • Press Conference
    • A single player is giving a conference, but they don't know the topic. Other players who do know act out the conference until the original player guesses the topic.
  • Questions Only
    • A case is conducted, but all players can only speak in questions.
  • Quick Change
    • At any point during the trial, a specified player can say "Change", forcing the last person to speak to change the last line they said. The other players react accordingly.
  • Scenes From a Hat
    • Every player gives answers to randomly selected topics.
  • Superheroes
    • The King gives a player a superhero name and a crisis to solve. One by one another person will be told to enter the scene, where they are named by the previous player. This continues until every player is in the scene and the crisis is resolved.
  • Three-Headed Broadway Star
    • After being given a title and style, three randomly-selected players take turns performing a song one word at a time.
  • Two Line Vocabulary
    • One player is able to speak freely, while everyone else is assigned two phrases and can only use those two lines in conversation.
  • Whose Line
    • Everyone suggests one-liners with no context, then the players improv a scene. At random points a player must leave a gap in dialogue (e.g., "My mama always said...") and use one of the lines given to them by The King in the OOC chat.
  • World's Worst
    • Players give examples of randomly selected topics for what could be the world's worst (topic).


  • Criminal Act
    • This game is for 3/4 people. 2-3 interrogators will be interrogating a suspect on the crime they committed, trying to get them to confess. However, the suspect does not know what it is they've done. They will leave the area while the king takes suggestions for WHAT the suspect did, WHERE they did it, and WHY they did it. The suspect will rejoin the area, and the game will start. The interrogators will try to get the suspect to confess in the order of what-where-why.
  • Newscaster
    • This is an adaptation of the Whose Line game of the same name. 2 (or 1) reporters will be "at the scene", reporting on something. However, these reporters do not know what it is they are reporting on. 2 people at a "news station" will be viewing the video the King will provide (the reporters will leave the area while the video is posted OOC), and have to give hints as to what the video is/what they're reporting on. The newscasters will ask questions and the reporters have to respond and eventually guess what it they're reporting on.

(Due to the fact that the King cannot control what people watch, simply have the people press play on the video at the start of the game, and hit replay the second the video stops.)